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There are many sources of air pollution which have different properties. The pollutants vary w.r.t to their physical and chemical properties. With such variations in the properties of Air pollutants, the technology to FIGHT AIR POLLUTION needs to be multi pronged and simple single stage processes will not be a effective solution. We at TREECO have deeply studied the nature of each element fo AIr Pollution , its sources and the effects. After careful study of available products in the market, we have precisely developed our process known as TREECO’s advanced Ultra fine Six Stem Filteration. This process effectively provides six optimally designed filteration systems combined into one with enough flexibility to customise the process depending on the level of Air Pollution / Pollutants and the room area to be filtered. All TREECO air purifiers are fabricated with this leading technology.

    • Max Pre Filter:

      Pre-filter captures large particles above 5 macrons and it prevents debris getting into the other filters. Treeco Max Pre-filters can be vacuumed, washed, or replaced which helps to prolong the life span of your air cleaning unit / other filters.


    • Ultra Fine HEPA Filter:

      Treeco’s Ultra Fine HEPA filtration in Treeco Air Purifiers is proven and certified to filter at least 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns. When it comes to protection against ultrafine particulates, Treeco’s Ultra Fine HEPA filters is the proven choice.


    • Brozek Hexgon Activated Carbon Filter :

      Known in geometry as the honeycomb conjecture, a hexagonal structure uses the least material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume giving maximum efficiency for Active Carbon. The Brozek Hexgon Activated Carbon Filter adsorbs formaldehyde, benzene, sulphur dioxide and other volatile organic Compounds (VOC). This also helps in eliminating bad and peculiar smells.


    • PCO- Nano Technology TiO2 Catalyst Filter:

      Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) is achieved when you combine UV light rays with a TiO2 coated filter. This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons. These highly reactive electrons aggressively combine with other elements in the air, such as bacteria and VOCs. which include harmful pollutant such as formaldehyde, ammonia and many other common contaminates released by building materials and household cleaners generally found in the home. Once bound together, the chemical reaction takes place between the super-charged ion and the pollutant, effectively “oxidizing” (or burning) the pollutant. This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air more purified and sterlised.


    • Aseptic Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp:

      Ultraviolet light possesses just the right amount of energy to break organic molecular bonds. As micro-organisms pass by the UV rays radiated from the ultraviolet lamp, this bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage for micro-organisms, such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi (like molds), etc. This results in the destruction of the micro-organisms resulting in sterilized and germs free clean air for healthy living.


    • Polar Plasma Anion (PPA) Ionisation:

      Treeco’s Polar Plasma Anion (PPA) Ionisation uses high voltage to ionise air molecules and generate Negative ions, or anions. Airborne particles, particulate matter laden with germs, virus, and bacteria are attracted to these anions and become negatively charged. These ions are de-ionised by seeking earthed conductors, such as walls and ceilings. This results in disinfected, clean and forest fresh air.