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Technical Specifications

  • Room Size             –   up to 700 sq.ft
  • Noise level             –   <45db
  • Power Consumption –   66W/230V
  • Net Weight             –   8 kg
  • Size                         –   505x325x715mm
  • Category –  Home/Office Air Purifier

Product Features

  • This model has Wifi & App & can check real time pollution & control the air purifier from anywhere with Internet access.
  • You can set the purifier to start & stop at a certain time everyday from App.
  • True HEPA H13 Medical Grade.
  • Activated Carbon filter eliminates VOC, like Benzene & Formaldehyde which can cause cancer, eye & throat irritation & dizziness.
  • Photo Catalyst Filter eliminates mold, bacterial viruses etc.
  • Ionization delivers disinfected, clean and forest fresh air releasing negative ions in the air.
  • Child Lock.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator tells you in advance to change filter.
  • 3 Speed Setting.
  • Timer-It features a timer mode setting.
  • Real time Japanese PM 2.5 dust sensor units Laser Technology.
  • Intelligent Auto mode adjusts the fan speeds according to the air quality in room.
  • Ultra low noise for peaceful operation.

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