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Technical Specifications

  • Room Size- upto 650 sqf
  • Noise level- <45db
  • Power Consumption- 55W/220V
  • Net Weight- 8.3kg
  • Size- 670x400x225mm

Product Features

  • TC-405U features Treeco’s 6 step Ultra Fine Purification Process.
  • Treeco Max pre-filter removes dust particles, pet hair, dander, etc of 5 microns or bigger helping elongate the life of the HEPA filter.
  • The Ultra fine HEPA filter used is of the highest quality to remove particles upto .3 microns effectively and efficiently.
  • It has a large LED display showing Room temperature, Room Humidity.
  • PM2.5 rating is displayed on the display showing the amount of PM2.5 particles present in the air in the room.
  • With the help of the air quality sensor, TC-405U features an intelligent auto mode which varies purification speed automatically.
  • It features an intelligent timer and sleep mode for a peaceful sleep.
  • Comes with a remote control for ease of use.


Technical Specifications

Room Size upto 650 sqf
Noise level <45db
Power Consumption 55W/220V
Net Weight 8.3kg
Size 670x400x225mm

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