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Technical Specifications

  • Room Size- upto 300 sqf
  • Noise level- <45db
  • Power Consumption- 43W/220V
  • Net Weight- 5kg
  • Size- 505x335x190mm

Product Features

  • Treeco’s Ultra Fine HEPA filter removes even smallest harmful particles effectively and efficiently.
  • Brozek Hexgon Activated Carbon filter eliminates bad and peculiar smells from the room.
  • PCO-Nano Technology TiO2 Catalyst Filter and Aseptic Ultraviolet UV Lamp Sterilize fresh air.
  • Polar Plasma anion Ionisation delivers disinfected, clean and forest fresh air.
  • 3 Speed Setting.
  • It features an intelligent timer and sleep mode for a peaceful sleep.
  • LED color display changes color according to air quality in the room.
  • Intelligent Auto mode adjusts the fan speeds according to the air quality in room.
  • Ultra low noise for peaceful operation.
  • With remote control for convenience.


Technical Specifications

Room Size upto 300 sqf
Noise level <45db
Power Consumption 43W/220V
Net Weight 5kg
Size 505x335x190mm

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