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Office Air Purifier

Most of the people spend their work week in artificial indoor office environments. Millions are dependent on air provided by commercial scale air conditioning systems. Poor indoor air quality in the workplace, where symptoms occur after exposures to airborne contaminants, is much more difficult to resolve than residential air quality. Many variables, including varying subjective assessments of “air quality” among fellow employees, complicate the solution. Symptoms may not have identifiable causes and may not disappear when the employee is away from work.
Professional offices can use “room” air purifiers. Occupants of these office environments may have little control over air quality in the large space.

Every office has contaminants, possible pollutant sources include;
• Moisture and mold,
• Chemical pesticide residues,
• Air fresheners and toxic antibacterial sprays,
• Chemical emissions, formaldehyde from furniture and particleboard walls,
• Carpet, collecting dirt from hundreds of shoes,
• Synthetic fibers from clothing, chairs, and carpets,
• Renovation and remodeling dusts and vapors,
• Toner emissions from laser printers, faxes, and photocopiers,
• Ozone from electronic equipment,
• Dust captured inside computers which makes continuous close range fine particle emissions on the desktop,
• Fragrances worn by fellow employees,
• Soap residues from quick morning showers,
• Third hand tobacco residues from workers coming in from outdoor smoke breaks,
• Airborne cat allergen, found everywhere cat owners go,
• Positive ions (static electricity) from dry air traveling long distances in office building metal AC duct work,
• Microbiological contamination due to overcrowding.

If your workplace has unacceptable indoor air quality, start by cleaning the desk surface. Remove unnecessary clutter to facilitate regular wipe-down with a damp towel.
Studies have found high bacteria levels on desk surfaces, phones, computer mice, and keyboards, especially where multiple users/shifts share workspace.

You can’t change office policy on air quality, but you can try to control the air in your breathing space.

Unfortunately, small air purifiers are rarely designed with front or focused exhaust.

“Air Purifiers” are generally considered inferior by professionals analyzing the bigger picture.

So a majority of air cleaners sold as desktop, office, and portable are low quality electronic, ionizer, “99% HEPA” and “HEPA-type” machines. If you are allergic to your job, especially if chemicals and odors are involved, you need a real air purifier. A well sealed True-HEPA filter for complete particle filtration and an activated carbon filter to absorb gasses and odors are needed.

Air purifier noise emission must be below the distraction level – many units will fail the quiet test – your office environment may vary.

There are few ultraviolet (UV) germicidal air cleaners which meet all the above standards. Stand alone air sanitizers are too low powered to have much impact on office air.

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