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If you’re looking for air cleaners for any environment, whether industrial, commercial, hospitality, healthcare or the home, we have an air cleaning solution for you.

If you have a need for cleaner air in your home or workplace, we have a product to do the job. Invest in an air purification system from Air Quality Engineering — it’s a Smart Idea.

When comparing air filtration systems, remember that Air Quality Engineering gives you the best dollar value in the business. Our systems provide the optimal balance of overall quality and intelligent design. Each product we sell is simply good, solid equipment that performs year after year. Air Quality Engineering products maximize efficiency, airflow and filter area to provide the cleanest working environment, longest service intervals and lowest maintenance costs per dollar spent. We strive to MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

As the quality of breathable air becomes more and more of a concern, the need for viral and bacterial control becomes more of a necessity.  Ranging from portable and room sterilizers to induct ultraviolet systems, our UV lamps and fixtures feature some of the highest output ultraviolet intensity.  UV light offers superior air quality by inactivating bacteria, mold spores, and many other viral contaminants.  Filtration is still necessary for airborne particulate matter and odors, but rest assured that your air will be cleaner through the use of sterilization technology.

If you unsure about which industrial air cleaning system you require to address your air quality issues, we have a variety of specialists available who are sure to be able to offer expert advice and multiple options to address you air quality needs.

We regularly evaluate new and emerging air cleaning technologies. We research and test industrial air cleaners to determine the capabilities of different systems. The products you will find on our website have been handpicked by Team BPA to meet our stringent quality and performance requirements. All products are covered by a comprehensive warranty and a general performance guarantee.