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How To Select Car Purifier

Air Purifier used in a car is a small device which can be easily plugged in. It is very essential and effective in making air clean, free of odor and allergens. It also removes dust particles, exhaust fumes and other bacteria. The air inside the car is of very poor quality due to the dust and smoke that gets trapped in it. There are many sources of air pollution in a car like cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes containing harmful gases, pollen, molds etc.

This can pose serious threat to the health of the person driving the car. So it is essential to opt for the best air purifier depending upon your need to clean the air. There are a variety of car air purifiers available in the market each having its own advantage but you need to choose wisely. Some of the variants are-

1. Ionic Air Purifier-It emits ions that does not allow impure air to float around. But be careful that these particles get stick to the car surface. So before buying it just check if this air purifier has negative ions or not. This devise can be easily plugged into the car’s lighter slot. Also ensure that ionizers do not have fragrance as they counter the negative ions and hence do not serve the purpose.

2. Ozone Based Purifier-It is effective in removing only odors inside the car but it’s prolonged use is harmful for health as it contains ozone. As far as possible stay away from this type of car air purifier until and unless really necessary.

3. Air Freshener Purifier – It envelopes the foul smell inside the car by giving off its own odor. Some of these purifiers have substances like baking soda which soak up the bad smell. These cabin air filters are present in car’s vents.

Car air purifier helps to improve quality of air by filtering out allergens, removing foul odor and preventing inhalation of dust particles. The best air purifier for the car is the one which has higher filter efficiency. This means that more amount of air should pass through the air purifier filter. It is also very effective in removing harmful pollutants which are dangerous for health. HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) is a technology which removes 99% toxic gases, SPM( suspended particulate matter)and hazardous contaminants. The activated carbon filter present in air purifier also absorbs foul smell of any kind. Also opt for the purifier which is easy and convenient to use. When you are looking for the best car air purifier you need to ensure that it eliminates odor, improves air quality and makes you feel fresh and energetic. In true sense, negative ionizer is the best bet as it is appropriate from health point of view also.

It enables circulation of fresh air so that you are protected against the ill effects of stale air. Owing to the rising level of pollution on roads, it’s time to keep a check on harmful effects of inhaling poor quality of air. So, having an air purifier for the car is highly recommended for your safety. Don’t compromise on your health anymore and enjoy the benefits of air purifier inside your car.


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