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5 Reasons you want Air Purifier

Having or rather inhaling good quality of air is very important for us whether we are indoors or outdoors. But we often ignore the air quality inside our home or office which can lead to various health related issues. Sometimes we overlook the sources which are responsible for spoiling the quality of air and then the real problem arises. Often we forget that the quality of indoor air is worse than outdoor air and can have adverse effects on various aspects of our life. It is also true that quality of air outside is also degrading with time due to increase in pollution from heavy traffic, fumes from machines and factories and so on. Only little can be done to stop the menace of outdoor air contamination because it involves a joint effort on the part of government as well as individuals. But improving the quality of air inside our homes is the responsibility of all the members living in that house.

There are a large number of contaminants found in our home like mold, bacteria, fungi, pollen, cleaning agents and so on. All the pollutants including noxious fumes and chemicals are carcinogenic and major threat to life. The worst thing about airborne diseases is that they have long term side effects which are unknown and can’t be treated initially. After analyzing the present scenario, it becomes all the more important to take measures to improve the quality of air inside because outdoor air quality can still be improved in a natural way. Now the main concern is the necessity of having air purifier at home. Let us check out that why it is difficult to do without an air purifier and how crucial it is in keeping health hazards at bay.

  1. Airborne pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen are invisible to naked eyes but can result in allergies. It can make the condition miserable in terms of coughing, itching in eyes or skin, sneezing, runny nose and swelling. In such case, air purifier does an excellent job in removing pollutants from air without enabling these to enter the room again. It also control the allergens and prevent it from circulating in the room. Allergies are aggravated not only by airborne contaminants but also from chemicals used in cleaning agents, furnishings and furniture. So, air purifier with activated carbon and HEPA filtration will be a great choice in removing all such pollutants from the house.                                                                                                        5 Reasons you want Air Purifier
  2. Smoke – The smoke from cigarette is not only a major pollutant indoors but also a source of emitting foul odor thereby contaminating the entire area. Once this smell spreads inside the house, it becomes a challenge to get rid of it as the toxins in cigarette stick to walls, carpets, furniture and furnishings. This smoke is extremely harmful for children, elderly people and asthma patients. With the help of air purifier, the smoke particles can be completely removed but it is recommended that smokers should smoke somewhere outdoors far away from home. Smokers should be aware that they should not put the life of their loved ones at stake. Air purifier is a boon where smoking is a vital issue of concern.
  3. Installing an air purifier is very essential to improve the quality of air. Impure air hinders the absorption of oxygen by the brain which can result in mental illness. Moreover poor quality of air is also a major contributor in lung diseases, but with air purifier at home such diseases and illness can be prevented. Even you are saved from medical hassels. Breathing pure air is very important for maintaining healthy life. Even people prone to asthma can greatly benefit from air purifier. It is a wonderful source which not only purifiers the air off the contaminants but also removes foul odor and chemicals.
  4. The fur and fleck of skin of pet animals like dogs and cats is one of the major causes of allergy and indoor air pollution. The tiny pet dander floats in the air and ignites allergy. Not only the fur of animals but even their urine and saliva stick to the different surface in the house and can lead to many health problems. In this case an air purifier is the best bet as it not only captures and eliminates pet dander but also removes foul smell thereby making the environment cleaner and the air breathable.
  5. Air purifier also plays a significant role in removing odor of volatile organic compounds like carpeting, adhesives, varnishes and disinfectant sprays. These contaminated compounds produce toxic fumes and gases which degrade the health and cause breathing disabilities. Sometimes the air smells state and stuffy and even becomes harmful for breathing, at such instance, air purifier can greatly help in making the air fresh and clean and provide some respite from suffocation. Basically, we take for granted the quality of air we breathe in because most of us are not well-informed about the ways of handling the problem of poor air quality. The best method of reducing the toxicity of impure air is by purifying it with the help of air purifier. As is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so to make the functioning of air purifier effective try to control the sources of pollution. Air purifier is highly effective in controlling medical problems associated with air pollution like asthma, allergies and cardiovascular diseases. By breathing in pure and clean air our lungs will work effectively without putting any additional efforts. If we take in purified air the oxygen will be absorbed by our brain in a better way and all our organs will work efficiently. Not only our physical health but our mental health will also be in good condition. Air purifier does not only purify the air but also removes unpleasant odor and toxic fumes. In addition to this, it also makes the air dust-free and clean by reducing the mites present in the house without any difficulty. If you suffer from any chest congestion or other problem, consider it as a warning that you are surrounded by poor quality air and needs to purify it. If you have a snoring problem due to some allergy related to pollen and pet dander, even in that case air purifier has been proved beneficial. It makes the air free of allergens which in a way solves your breathing problem and you get a good night’s sleep. It is very important especially for children to inhale fresh air as it helps them in increasing their concentration level which enables them to study hard. Although fresh air is a must for all but you need to make sure it is of good quality and for that you can easily rely on air purifiers.


Air purifier performs some of the vital functions by reducing maintenance and housekeeping hassels, preserving room décor, protecting furnishings, removing bad odor like cigarette smoke, medicine smell, toxic gases and so on. There are plethora of air purifiers available in the market but we need to choose the one depending on our specific requirement . You need to decide if you want an air purifier to combat harmful odor or just clean the impure air. Air purifier does not provide magical solution to any problem but it certainly helps in improving the quality of air to a great extent. It is highly recommended to keep the levels of pollution as low as possible. Quality of air is a highly influential factor for our health because impure air is so harmful that it can cause havoc in our life. As dirty air is not easy to detect, its inhalation can result in people suffering from some serious consequences. Every now and then we are exposed to some amount of toxins, carcinogens and other pollutants but before we are aware of it, we can be affected by some serious health risks. Make sure to install an air purifier which has large CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) so that pollution coming from outside can be balanced. Only installing air purifier to get clean air is not enough, its maintenance and regular service is equally important so that it works well in the long run also.

5 Reasons you want Air Purifier

Getting clean and pure air is not easy these days due to rapidly increasing pollution levels but air purifier can greatly help in reducing the concentration of pollutants in the air indoors. It is a very useful device in homes where people smoke a lot and where the people suffer from asthma. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is a type of air filter used in air purifier which traps small particles that vacuum cleaner only recirculates in air. One of the great features of air purifier is that it purifies the air off the allergens, pollens, dust and smoke quite quickly and without any noise. Just like food is essential for life, similarly clean and fresh air is equally important to remain healthy. Outdoor air quality can still be improved in a natural way but a serious consideration is needed to be paid on the quality of air indoors because it is more life threatening. By using an air purifier, a healthy environment can be created which improves health and makes a person energetic. There are numerous sources of indoor air pollution and keeping a check on all is not feasible so an air purifier can simplify the task by eliminating air pollutants to a satisfactory level. It efficiently provides relief to people who have breathing issues.

5 Reasons you want Air Purifier

So, keeping the air clean with an air purifier is a safe and a necessary investment. Good and reputed brand of air purifiers greatly help in reducing the percentage of impurities in air. It makes the air fresh and good for breathing. It removes allergens, pollutants, chemicals and harmful fumes from the air which can otherwise have ill-effects on the health of people. It works wonders for small children and elderly people who are prone to infections easily.So, get an air purifier today and enjoy the healthy life for the years to come.

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