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How to turn Air pollution into precious stones

Turning the harmful smoke into treasured jewels appears crazy but it isn’t. Yes, it is perfect for real and people are buying jewellery made from smog. You should be thinking how? All this started some three years ago, when, during a trip to Beijing, A Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde was disrupted by the smoggy view […]

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List of Best Air Purifiers

Why do we need air purifiers? Ofcourse, the deteriorating condition of existing air quality is a major national concern, especially, in the capital. How does one determine or know how bad air is at some place? To know this one need to refer to the Air Quality Index (AQI). AQI refers to the amount of […]

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10 Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a term widely used and understood, even by kids. Generally, defined as undesirable substances present in air. The undesirable substances that contaminate air are called pollutants. The pollutants can be physical, chemical or biological. Pollutants are of two types: Primary air pollutants:The pollutants that are a direct result of the processcan be […]

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4 Indoor Air Contaminants

Today air pollution has become a major issue of concern on a global level. It has some adverse effects on the health of a person. Scientific evidences indicate that indoor air contamination is more hazardous than outdoor air pollution. Now the question that arises is ‘what is indoor air contamination or pollution?’ It means the pollution caused by […]

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