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Experience the bliss of breathing clean crisp air within the comforts of our homes with Treeco.
Human body is designed to breathe unobtrusive and contaminant free air.Hence ,It is prudent to eliminate the indoor air quality since the air pollutants within our buildings impose many health hazards.Indoor air pollution can be as benign as triggering allergies or may be as debilitating as causing infectious chronic ailments.
Indoor air gets contaminated continuously with Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s),pet dander,tobacco and fine dust particles causing some respiratory diseases ,heart disease and even cancer.Indoor air quality is directly related to our mental and physical wellbeing and comfortable living.
Treeco understands and has been designed to filter the common indoor air pollutants making our homes a cleaner space for breathing fresh purified air.

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Indoor air quality is a non-negotiable index.

The importance of efficient fresh indoor breathing cannot be overlooked in today’s living environments. The quality of air that we breathe within the premises of our buildings is critical for good health. Indoor air quality should be monitored for various VOC’s, gaseous and chemical pollutants. These air contaminants causeheadaches, eye infections, allergies and fatigue. Treecoultra-sensitive air filters are the  best suited air quality controllers for detecting and disinfecting the indoor air.Treeco products are highly sensitized to eliminate the unwanted levels of air pollutants and makes the air forest fresh for natural breathing.