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Choosing an Air Purifier for Restaurant Odor & Chemicals

Choosing an air purifier in order to provide patrons with clean air in indoor environments have become a popular decision for business owners. The Health mate by Treeco is an air purifier that features filters and mediums that guarantee to clean indoor air and make it more pleasant to breathe.

Restaurants are prone to odors and/or fumes, making choosing an air purifier an important decision. The Health mate uses modern and advanced technology and an innovative design to efficiently deliver clean air. The Health mate is able to rid the air of contaminants and particles that may be harmful if inhaled. Since people spend 90% of their time indoors, it is important that the indoor air that they breathe is safe and healthy.

Having a bar and full kitchen restaurant, the fusion of these customers into the same room has caused a problem; the customers at the bar having drinks may also be smoking cigarettes or tobacco products that the customers enjoying their meals do not appreciate. All of the customers present in the room may also have to deal with strong cooking odors from the kitchen. When the restaurant is cleaned, there are also chemical fumes from the cleaning products that may be present in the dining room of restaurant. With so many different odors, chemicals, and contaminants present in the indoor air, and find a method to keep the air inside his restaurant and bar smelling clean and pleasant. Choosing an air purifier is a next step.

Treeco Air Purifier helps neutralize the odors and fumes inside the restaurant. The presence of the air purifier resulted in customers ceasing to complain about the smoke from the bar or the cooking odors from the kitchen. Treeco Air Purifier is equipped with 15 pounds of activated carbon-zeolite which specializes in absorbing any odors and chemicals that may be present in indoor air.  The air purifier has different fan settings and can be left on all night to rid the air of any chemical fumes.

After choosing an air purifier, is the best choice for his restaurant because of the long life of the filters used in the unit. With so many other responsibilities of running a restaurant, it is a relief.

By having clean and fresh air for his customers to breathe, Mr. Smith has made the environment in his restaurant more friendly and welcoming to customers. Treeco Air Purifier effective removal of smoke and odors from the air has made the restaurant safer for the patrons and staff to breathe.

The harsh environment produced inside a commercial kitchen requires heavy-duty air filters that can stand up to the conditions. With countless restaurant air filter options to choose from, it’s important to know which filters are right for your HVAC system and how to properly maintain them.

The air we breathe is more important than the water we drink. But in today’s urban explosion, the overall air quality is diminishing day by day. If you run a hotel, resort or restaurant then you should know the importance of maintaining a clean room for your guests. Why because, indoor air quality is the major thing guests notice during their stay in hotel.

Poor air quality is caused by broad range of airborne contaminants which affect the indoor air within the hotel and throughout rooms and hence cause itchy eyes, headaches and a blocked nose etc. To mitigate these problems, the best and effective solution is to use ozone air purifier.